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Staff List

Picture 1 Mrs S Morgan: Head of School
Picture 2 Mr C Mead: Deputy Head of School
Picture 3 Ms S Peake: Assistant Head Teacher (SLC)
Picture 4 Mrs J Morkill: Assistant Head Teacher (Inclusion)
Picture 5 Mrs J Velvick: Reception Class Teacher
Picture 6 Miss L Ward: Reception Class Teacher
Picture 7 Miss C Griffin: Y1 Class Teacher
Picture 8 Miss S Hawtin: Y1 Class Teacher
Picture 9 Miss J King: Y2 Class Teacher
Picture 10 Mrs A Tanner: Y2 Class Teacher
Picture 11 Miss C Cleaveland: Y3 Class Teacher
Picture 12 Miss M Langley: Y3 Class Teacher
Picture 13 Mrs G Kennett: Y4 Class Teacher
Picture 14 Mrs C Million: Y4 Class Teacher
Picture 15 Mr S Elvines: Y4 Class Teacher
Picture 16 Mrs J Paton: Y5 Class Teacher
Picture 17 Mr C Burchill: Y5 Class Teacher
Picture 18 Miss J Stratton: Y6 Class Teacher
Picture 19 Mr D Wanostrocht: Y6 Class Teacher
Picture 20 Mrs J Keyte: Forest School Leader/Cover Supervisor
Picture 21 Mrs C Austin: Cover Supervisor

Teaching and Learning Assistants

Teaching and Learning Assistants 1 YR: Mrs J Mulley
Teaching and Learning Assistants 2 YR: Mrs D Khan
Teaching and Learning Assistants 3 Y1: Mrs S Pope
Teaching and Learning Assistants 4 Y1: Mrs K Hose
Teaching and Learning Assistants 5 Y2: Mrs A Naylor
Teaching and Learning Assistants 6 Y3: Mrs D O'Rourke
Teaching and Learning Assistants 7 Y4: Mrs A Martin
Teaching and Learning Assistants 8 Y5: Mrs J Vander
Teaching and Learning Assistants 9 Y6: Mrs L Philpott

Intervention Support Assistants

Intervention Support  Assistants 1 Mrs J Beesley
Intervention Support  Assistants 2 Mrs A Carter
Intervention Support  Assistants 3 Mrs V Aspland
Intervention Support  Assistants 4 Mrs T Carter
Intervention Support  Assistants 5 Mrs T Galloway (Medical Needs Asst)
Intervention Support  Assistants 6 Mrs H Baxter
Intervention Support  Assistants 7 Mrs T Johnson
Intervention Support  Assistants 8 Miss M Booker
Intervention Support  Assistants 9 Mrs K Sergent

Speech and Language (Teaching and Support Staff)

Speech and Language (Teaching and Support Staff) 1 Ms S Peake
Speech and Language (Teaching and Support Staff) 2 Mrs K Chambers
Speech and Language (Teaching and Support Staff) 3 Mrs J Williams
Speech and Language (Teaching and Support Staff) 4 Mrs S Bye
Speech and Language (Teaching and Support Staff) 5 Mrs K Hattemore
Speech and Language (Teaching and Support Staff) 6 Mrs A Pieniazek
Speech and Language (Teaching and Support Staff) 7 Mrs S Glossop
Speech and Language (Teaching and Support Staff) 8 Miss M Pillow
Speech and Language (Teaching and Support Staff) 9 Miss E Meadows

Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff 1 Miss S Copper: School Business Manager
Administrative Staff 2 Mrs J Morkill: School SENCO
Administrative Staff 3 Mrs P Westbrook: Inclusion Officer
Administrative Staff 4 Mrs M Booth: School Administrator
Administrative Staff 5 Mrs R Slate: Finance Officer
Administrative Staff 6 Mrs S Wood: School Administrator

Site Manager and School Caretaker

Site Manager and School Caretaker 1 Mr N Khan: Site Manager
Site Manager and School Caretaker 2 Mr P Hansen: Caretaker

Midday Supervisors

Midday Supervisors 1 Mrs K Hose
Midday Supervisors 2 Mrs J Jellett
Midday Supervisors 3 Mrs S Standing
Midday Supervisors 4 Mrs S McGonnell
Midday Supervisors 5 Mrs L Carter
Midday Supervisors 6 Mrs P Coombs
Midday Supervisors 7 Mrs T Carter
Midday Supervisors 8 Miss N Green
Midday Supervisors 9 Mrs A M'Grady
Midday Supervisors 10 Mrs D O'Rourke

Stars Staff

Stars Staff 1 Miss M Booker: Stars Supervisor
Stars Staff 2 Mrs Carey
Stars Staff 3 Mrs Hose
Stars Staff 4 Mrs J Beesley
Stars Staff 5 Mrs T Galloway
Stars Staff 6 Mrs V Aspland
Stars Staff 7 Miss O Taaffe
Stars Staff 8 Mrs Farncombe
Stars Staff 9 Mrs J Kundu