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The aim of Religious Education in Green Street Green Primary is to support children in reflecting upon, developing and affirming their own beliefs, values and attitudes, through an exploration of shared human experiences and the place and significance of different religions in the contemporary world.


The school’s starting points are the two Attainment Targets in the Bromley Agreed Syllabus:


  • To develop knowledge and understanding of religion (learning about religion)

  • To explore and respond to human experience (learning from religion)


Religious Education, along with all other curriculum areas, plays an important role in promoting spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children.


To teach the syllabus effectively each year group identifies an RE Topic Day each half term and is taught through a variety of activities such as discussion, debates, research, drama, storytelling, visits to religious buildings and outside speakers.


Emphasis is placed on the links between learning about religion and learning from religion and links are encouraged between other curriculum areas wherever possible.