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MFL at Key Stage 2


The children at Green Street Green complete 4 years of MFL study in the French language.


In Year 3, the children are introduced to the basics of the French language (greetings, numbers, colours etc.) with an emphasis on how to remember new language. The focus is predominantly on the listening and speaking skills at this stage and on building confidence and a “have-a-go” attitude.


In Year 4, the children revise and build on their previously learnt language. There is a strong focus on cultural awareness and the acquisition of skills for decoding unknown language. The children gain strategies to assist them in developing their reading skills and they are increasingly encouraged to produce their own language both orally and written.


In Year 5, grammatical structures are introduced more formally and the children are encouraged to “adopt and adapt” the language that they encounter. More sophisticated terminology is used and the children produce written work more independently. They also learn how to use a bilingual dictionary more independently.


In Year 6, the grammatical terminology used in lessons increases, particularly in light of the new SPAG requirements. We try to revisit most or all of the grammatical elements that we have covered in previous years in different contexts. They are increasingly independent in the tasks that they undertake and also more creative. They gain an idea of what it will be like to learn a language in a secondary environment and acquire increasingly transferable language skills.