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Challenge Activities

Green Street Green Primary School recognises that many of our pupils are considered to be Able, Gifted or Talented. This is confirmed by the numbers of children that transfer into selective education at the end of Year Six.


The school’s commitment to support for able children begins much earlier in the child’s school career. Our observations of even the youngest children, helps us to identify and nurture hidden talents! Our assesment weeks reveal how children develop in Maths, Literacy and in the broader curriculum. We work closely with parents and are happy to listen to their views on their child’s talents and abilities.

All class work is differentiated, in all subjects, to enable the more able groups to flourish. The emphasis is on encouraging able children to be decision makers and to develop the skills that they need in order to become motivated, independent learners.




  •   To support the abilities, personal qualities and talents of all children.
  •   To ensure that all children receive an education appropriate to their abilities.
  •   To provide teaching which makes learning challenging and enjoyable.
  •   To provide higher order thinking and questioning skills.
  •   To employ a wide variety of methods of recognition of potential.
  •   To recognise under-achievement and to seek to remove it.
  •   To stimulate children through extra-curricular activities and through curriculum enrichment.
  •   To have the expectation that the curriculum for all will be extended by realising the needs of the most able.




Beyond the opportunities for challenge within classrooms, there are additional activities, which are particularly popular with our able pupils.


These include:


Non Verbal and Verbal Reasoning Classes, Brain Academy,  ICT Club, County level sporting activities, A variety of musical opportunities through BYMT and the school's choir.


Some of these are held as extra-curricular clubs.