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At Green Street Green we use ICT in most subjects and allow the children the opportunity to develop their skills in a variety of different ways.


We have a suite of computers that all the children visit each week where they can access a wide variety of programs that cover all areas of the curriculum. 


We also have a robust Wireless network - which has enabled us to enjoy a trolley of 32 iPads which can be used for a whole class or for us in small groups.


We encourage the children to use experience ICT through a variety of different topics and allow them the opportunity to share and develop their understanding.


In all year groups we aim to develop ICT skills, building upon previous experiences and developing them further. We also aim to introduce new experiences to help further their enjoyment of ICT, such as using animation and photography.


All the classrooms have a computer and the whole school is linked to a networked broadband connection.  There are interactive facilities in all classrooms.  The children use the computer for:-

  •              Word processing and associated keyboard skills
  •              Problem solving
  •              Desk Top Publishing
  •              Data handling
  •              Fun

Young children particularly, pick up these skills very quickly. 


Our ICT Suite gives children the opportunity to work in class groups to improve their computer knowledge and skills. 


All children and their parents are required to sign an Internet Agreement before they are able to participate in work which involves use of the internet.