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Clubs & Extra Curricular

A wide variety of activities are available for children, before school, during the lunch hours and after school.  Clubs are run by both external providers and staff; charges apply for external clubs while those run by staff are free to participate in.  Subject to age restrictions (and the weather!), children may join in many and varied activities which, in recent years, have included:


Athletics Orchestra Football (girls/boys)


Netball Choir Spanish


Gymnastics Dance Cross Country Judo
Drumming Art Musical Theatre Cricket


The co-operation of parents in transporting children to away games of football, netball, cricket and rounders is much appreciated, and volunteers are most welcome.  Parents will be asked to provide a current enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service certificate and to sign a declaration confirming that they are insured to transport pupils and comply with current  legislation regarding restraints and booster seats for children.   Parents are also invited, of course, to support the teams when playing at home and away.


This is what some of our pupils have to say about the various sporting clubs at Green Street Green: -


“On Wednesday, we went to Ravens Wood School to play some Tag Rugby.  First we did some training by ourselves then with a pupil and played a school.  They were very quick but we still beat them 7-1 and next we played a bad team and won.  Then we played a very good team and the score was 2-1 to us and we came 3rd place because we are Green Street Green!”


“ In Dance Club we play musical statues, musical bumps and musical opposites for our warm-up.  After, we learn a dance.  It is good fun and we get stickers for being good”

 (Y3 pupil)


 “In Judo we learn different skills and play games.  We get to take exams.  I really enjoy Judo”

 (Y5 pupil)


“I really enjoy playing basketball at home and at lunchtime so I decided to join the Club.  We learn lots of skills and then play a game.  Last week, I scored the winning goal!”

 (Y6 pupil)